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Previous Information

Notes from July 4 Meeting

  1. Fence problems have arisen; Behind unit 11 & beside rodaway across from approximately units 41 to 37. Repairs will be investigatigate with contractors.
  2. A reminder that unit owners are responsible for property within your boundaries.
  3. Unit issues - Visitor Parking, Irrigation, RFI Letters & individual unit concerns were addressed.

Notes from May 17 Meeting

  1. The board requests that unit owners with trees on the boulavard on Orchard Road (units 1, 3, 6, 7) ensure that these trees are watered on a regular basis especially if we have a hot dry summer. Approximately 2 gallons 8 litres twice a week
  2. A reserve fund study (RFS) class 3 is in the process of being prepared.
  3. Board members conducted a walk through, and the property appears in reasonably good shape. Landscaping issues are being addressed.
  4. Individual unit concerns were addressed

Notes from March 6 & April 17 Meetings

  1. Gelderman will be starting the spring summer grounds work soon. Weather has been an issue. wintedr damage to be repaired.
  2. Prinkler system is to be tuned up to make sure it is working properly.
  3. Very few issues or unit concerns to discuss.
  4. A walk throught has been planned for next month prior to our next meeting.

Annual General Meeting January 31 at Tansley Woods.

Rob Warren was re-elected to board of directors
Financial statement were provided by Tony Gatto. Our finances are in good order with a healthy reserve fund.
Issues discussed where much the same, amimal pest (racoons), dog pick-up, and visitor parking
Reserve Fund study was explained by Ross
Short meeting due to lack of serious issues and problems> A thanks to all unit owners for this and by and large a respect for other unit owners and a conformity to unit the corporztion regulations.

Notes from Nov 21 & Dec 12

  1. A warm welcome to Unit owners. Any questions about our condonminium should be directed to the managment group at Wilson & Blanchard, referenced at the bottom of the page.
  2. Once again very little to report. Finances are stable and very few issuse needing attention
  3. See last meetings notes,

Notes from the Sept 26 & Oct 24 Meetings

  1. Very little new material to report.
    1. Reminder about parking: the visitors parking area is for visitors not unit owners & not to be used for convience.
    2. Please clean up after your pets & would cat owners please refrain from letting their cat run loose on the premices. They tend to spray & stake out territory in neightbours gardens. ( I have had my cellar window sprayed with cat urine & because I have an indoor cat, the wandering cat will come up to either a window or patio door and start a hiising fight with my cat. Thankfully the screen door wasn't shreaded.)
    3. Water valves protruding in driveways should be pounded down before the snow plowing season is apon us. The snow scrapper may break it off if not flush with the driveway (to pound down place a two by four over the value and hammer carefully to drive it into the ground).
  2. Crack filling of the radway & line painting for the visitors parking is scheduled for Oct 31, Monday. Do not visitors or yourself park in visitors parking areas.
  3. If your driveway is damaged by oil stains you are responsible for this.
  4. Garage doors should not be painted unless necessitated by damage to the paint. Colour must be approved by the Board, which is attempting to determine the original paint colour."
  5. Residential Information Forms (RIF) must be filled out and/or updated as required by condominium by-laws.

Notes from the August 16 Meeting

  1. Quotes for crack filling & line painting have been requested and will be reviewed by the board so that improvements can be undertaken.
  2. Unit issues were discussed.
  3. Any issues or concerns please forward to the board through proprety management Wilson, Blanchard.

The Canadian Condominium Institute (GCI) Golden Horseshoe Chapter is holding a meeting September 14th at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. The Institute deals with legal and govermental issues dealing with conodminiums. If interested please read the following article at GCI

Notes from the May 31 & July 5 Meetings

  1. Many issues have been resolved. Any concerns feel, free to make them to the area manager so that he can bring them to the board for discussion.
  2. If you have any request for exterior renovations, improvements please sent your request to the board for approval.
  3. With the dry weather upon us, lawns will dry out if not watered. It is the unit owners responsibility for this watring.
  4. New trees have been planted and aeration of the property has been completed by Gelderman.
  5. City water value caps which may be protruding from driveways may be easily pounded down hammering onto a 2x4 placed over the metal cap. (This will prevent damage to cap).

Notes from the April 11 2011 Board Meeting

  1. Most of the discussions revolved around approving the Gelderman contract and clarifying areas of particular concern.
  2. The board will be planting trees along the Orchard Rd. boulevard in order to enhance our property.
  3. We continue to receive complaints regarding noise between units, so we again appeal to everyone to be considerate of their neighbours. Please be aware that bass sounds are the major problem and it doesn’t take much volume to make the bass irritating – it travels through the wall and floor joists quite easily. According to our Declaration, no electronic noise is permitted after 11 pm. This issue has come up many times in the past (see previous meeting minutes    i.e. July 5 & May 19 2010).
  4. Some residents are still putting greenbox foodstuffs out at night before garbage pickup. Please refrain from doing so, as it attracts wildlife (raccoons and skunks).
  5. We will be send a letter to all residences warning of the potential for fire caused by dryer vent lint, which is very flammable. It is recommended that the vents should be professionally cleaned every two years.
  6. Next meeting May 23

Notes from March 10 2011 Board Meeting

  1. Unit owner concerns were discussed and sdvice past on as required.
  2. Again, noise disruption in certain units was a major concern. Please see minutes from January meeting.
  3. Steps will be taken to repair the cracks in the common element roadway.

Annual General Meeting: February

Infomation from the AGM:
  1. A thanks goes out to all those who attended or sent in a proxy.
  2. Rosanna Bird was re-elected to a 3 year term and thanks should go out to Rick Flannigan for run for office.
  3. Tony Gatto was re-appointed as auditor for the current fiscal year.
  4. Fees will increase this year, slightly. We are financial sound and we wish to remain so.
  5. Residents are reminded that Christmas decorations should be removed as of Jan. 15.
  6. Raccoon and wildlife precautions were discussed. See Memo below with more details.
  7. Two areas of concern mentioned were noise and pets.

At the February AGM (and many board meetings also, considerable time was spent discussing racoon and other wildlife problems. Three precautions are strongly suggested for all resisdents:
  1. Greenboxes should not be put out at the curbs until the morning of collection day. The same applies to garbage especially if contains dinner scraps. Racoon and skunks enjoy dinning on these leftovers.
  2. Garage doors should be closed and not left open unattended. Racoons and mice will enter your garage to "check out" your garbage for fine morsels of food.
  3. Residents within a block of units should unit get together to ensure that all units in that block, have wire screens installed on all roof vents and other points of entry, either by squirrels or racoons.
    This has already been done by units 1 - 6 and many other individual units. Cost is approximately $150.00 per unit. Contact Ross for information (905 540-8800 ext. 286)
    The wildlife expert we have be using is Paul Stevens, All Wildlife Removal 591 Francis Road, Burlington ON L7T 3X6 905-330-7285

Notes from Jan 24 2011 Board Meeting

  1. Major issues discussed:
    1. visitors parking violations
    2. noise disturbences: to reduce noise levels disturbing adjacent units turn down the base, low frequencies easily penetrate and pass through solid materials such as walls.
  2. Various concerns of unit owners were covered.
  3. New date for our AGM is Feburary 17th, a Thursday evening. This meeting does cost money to hold.
    Please plan to attend or if you cannot please fill out the proxy notice that will be found in AGM literature coming soon. That way the meeting will be a legal and the moneys will not be wasted.
  4. Gelderman has taken over again as our landscape contractor, with very good results with respect to snow removal. See above for contract information.

November Annual General Meeting: Cancelled

Due to lack of participation a quorum was not achieved and the meeting had to be postponed. It should be noted that the cost to have such a meeting, charged to you the unit owners, is in the neighbourhood of $600.00 (whether the meeting takes place or not).
The board will present a date for a new meeting sometime in the new year. If you cannot attend please fill out the proxy form that will be sent out with AGM agenda so that a quorum will be met and a legal meeting convened.

Notes from October 7 Board Meeting

  1. AGM announcement is forthcoming; an opening on board is available and a formal notice has been sent (Oct 12) for this position. Projected date of the AGM is November 11, a Thursday
  2. Please be wary when putting out garbage. If your garbage is put out in the evening, this is an invitation to skunks and raccoons that dinner is being served. (Ever notice the smell of skunk on the night before garbage pick up).
    To facilitate lawn cutting please put your garbage and blue & green box containers on the curb.
  3. Parking issues are still a concern. The visitors parking areas are for visitors NOT residents.

Notes from August 31 2010 Board Meeting

  1. A welcome is extended to new unit owners on behave of the board and management.
  2. Many of the concerns from the last board meeting have been resolved (see July 5th meeting notes)
  3. Once again it must be pointed out that It is impairative that unit owners do not use the visitor parking lot as their own personal parking space.
  4. Next meeting is October 7. If you have any issues that can be brought up at the upcoming AGM, please forward your concerns to Mr. Ross Boncori, at Wilson, Blanchard Management (905 540-8800 Ext. 268).

Notes from July 5 2010 Board Meeting

  1. A walk thru was conducted with the following items of interest:
    1. Many dead lawn areas where observed where pet owners allow their dogs to go
      Pet clean up was still a concern, however it does seem to be better than in the past.
      This has recently been brought to our attention:
      All owners please take notice: NEW POSTING
      For the past few weeks, several residents have expressed concern over dog feces that have been left on roadways, common element grass, and even on individual owners' property. This behaviour is totally unacceptable, and illegal. If anyone has information about this issue, please contact Ross Boncori. This is not to say that unit owners are responsibe for this, it quite possibly is outsiders, walking their dogs in our condo complex, that are reponsible. Please keep an eye out for whomever.
    2. Satellite dishes are allowed however only one per unit as written in the unit by-laws. Also, PRIOR TO INSTALLATION, the owners MUST contact Mr. Ross Boncori, at Wilson, Blanchard Management (905 540-8800 Ext. 268)to make sure they are aware of the guidelines for installation.
    3. Birdfeeders: the problem that these create is that the attract mice and with a supply of food they will populate. Not such a big problem in the summer but when the weather gets cold these mice will want to come indoors were it is warmer. There have been complaints about mice in the past.
    4. Certain areas of the lawns are not well maintained (see last months concerns) Again we are monitoring this contracto. Email concerns to the board.
  2. Noise issues, again, were discussed; especially late night (3:00 - 4:00AM) disturbences.
  3. Weeds on owners lawn are their responsibility, only the common areas are the boards responsibility, however new provincial guidelines on the use of herbicides means that tyhe contractor cannot use sprays to kill these weeds.
  4. The garage sale planned for this month was deemed a success by the participants.
  5. Next board meeting is August 23 (moved to August 31)

Notes from May 19 2010 Board Meeting

  1. Landscaper has not been doing the job we had hoped. A review is in progess
  2. Specific unit owner issues were discuused with an attempt to resolve concerns.
  3. Usual issuse were discussed. It seem that the same concerns crop up ever month
    1. Noise from a unit that disturbs the units immediately ajoining it. Owners and family of owners must show resect for those beside them as noise will carry from one unit to another especially at night.
    2. Lawns of pet owners are being killed in various areas where a dog urinates. The owner is responsible for maintaining the lawn and not letting it become a series of dead patches.
  4. Residentail information forms should be completed and passed on to the board for proper filing.
  5. A news letter is being prpared and maile out to each unit.
  6. A garage or yard sale is bing planed for July 17
  7. Next board meeting is July 5

Notes from April 23 2010 Board Meeting

  1. Due to a contract issue the new landscaper could not start any work the week of April 15.
  2. Shingle information is as follows:
    GAF - Timberlink 30 yr. Colour is Weatherwood
  3. Another reminder to unit owners:
    • If you are planning outside alterations written approval from the board is required.
    • Please clean up after your dog and do not let them roam onto the lawns of other units, leashed or not.
  4. And maybe the best news of all: There will be NO increase if condo fees these year, even though the HST is fast approaching (in July).

Notes from March 10 2010 Board Meeting

  1. In light of increased dissatisfaction over the past couple of years with the lack of detailed service by our present landscaper, Jan Gelderman, the Board has decided to contract with a different company, GroundWorks. They will assume landscaping duties starting April 15/10.
  2. AllPest is no longer our pest control company of choice. Since the services they provide are not part of the Corporation's responsibility, owners should research their own company when in need of such services.
  3. At the AGM we had 12 units represented in person and 2 proxies. The minimum for the AGM to proceed with a quorum is 12 in total. If we do not have 12, we have to redo the process at considerable expense for the Corporation (ie. the owners). In future, please try to attend the AGM or, at least, provide the Board with your proxy so that any unnecessary expense can be avoided.
  4. Please remember to mail in your fire alarm survey, or give it to a Board member. A few owners have still not filed their residential information sheet; we will leave another of these form at the units involved and ask that they be filled out asap, as per government mandate.

Notes from Febuary 4 2010 AGM

  1. A quorum was present but not by much. These meetings do cost us money (rental of space) and if a quorum had not been achieved extra expences would be incured to reschedule.
  2. The agenda was accepted and follow per AGM document that was given to each unit dated January 15 2010
  3. Mr. N Yashar was acclaimed as a director on the board.
  4. Auditors report was presented by Mr. T Gatto CA and accepted by the memebers present.
  5. Issued discussed under New Business
    • Visitation by National Energy with an intent to replace hot water heaters.
      Re energy companies: the corporation has nothing to do with these solicitations and unit owners should be wary of such approaches.
    • Racoon problems both past, present and future
      The female racoon does like to invade our, your attic space in early spring to nest and raise a family. To help prevent this if end unit install carpet tack strips on top of fence railings and up drain pipes this will prevent them from climbing up onto the roof and pushing up sofits to enter attics.
    • The board will have our roadway posted a private road
    • Drainage problems behind units 27 through 30 (excessive amount of rain this summer contibuted to this.
      Also dead trees behind some units that are on city property; what to do?
  6. Next board meeting is March 1 2010

Notes from January 25 2010 Meeting

Notes from the November / December Board Meetings 2009

Notes from the September Board Meeting 2009   

Notes from the August Board Meeting 2009

Notes from the July Board Meeting 2009

Notes from the June Board Meeting 2009

January 2009 Board Meeting

Items covered at the meeting include:


Residents are reminded that the last 3 visitor parking spots opposite unit 23 are to be used to pile snow and are, therefore, unavailable for any vehicles. Please ensure that your guests are aware of this situation (signage is now posted).


January saw the formation of many large icicles hanging from eavestroughs. They are an owner's responsibility and should be treated with care. If you remove them, do so carefully so as not to injure yourself and not to cause a further problem by damaging the eavestoughs.


Many thanks to the residents of units 34 & 35 for putting a festive touch on the gazebo. The lights and garlands will remain in place so that we can enjoy them all year round.

Smoke alarms

It would be appreciated if you would complete and mail your smoke alarm questionnaire as soon as possible.

November Board Meeting 2008

Current projects and issues discussed

Annual General Meeting Oct 21 2008

Meeting was held at Tansley Woods Community Centre 7:30PM
A quorum was present and the agenda was followed per Notice to All Owners, HSCC 434, sent Oct 03 2008
Election for director postion: Rob Warren Unit 42 was acclaimed. Deliberation on the following issues ensued

Information from the meeting of June 17/08.  

  1. Various requests for alterations from unit owners were discussed and the appropriate action taken.

  2. Work to be done:
    • the downspout at the rear of unit 35 will be moved and extended to avoid a buildup of water in the backyard.
    • landscaping in the parkette and at the entance to our complex is scheduled to begin the week of July 10.

  3. Reminders:
    • residents cars are not to be parked in either VISITORS or along fire routes. Unit owners whose guests require parking for longer than 2 days should request permission from the Board.
    • any change to exterior of unit buildings or landscaping requires Board approval. Please remeber that the Board meets once a month and, therefore, requests for alterations cannot receive an immediate response.
    • there are noise rules in effect and it is important for everyone to be considerate of neighbours.
    • dog fences must be removed on grass-cutting day (Wednesday) so as not to interfere with the Gelderman crew. Animal feces must be removed from the property on a daily basis.

  4. Next meeting: July 22.

Last Board meeting - May 5th, 2008.  

Snow Removal

Due to the number of complaints regarding the snow removal this past winter, the Board invited Mike De Beer, from Gelderman, to attend the meeting in May.
The following complaints were shared with Mike: Mike explained that this was a heavy winter with very high accumulations of snow.
The Board will be re-addressing the complaints in November when a new contract with Gelderman is re-negotiated.


The following projects will be taking place in the next couple of months: Next meeting to be announced

A new manager has been appointed for your Condominum Corporation. Please welcome Mr. Ross Boncori.

The board has arranged with Gelderman to have a more experienced crew to cut our grass and maintain the property. They will will be cutting on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays.
Please keep your lawn clear so that they have easy access to all grassed areas.

Info from the Board meeting of March 27/08..  


We had a number of complaints regarding snow removal during the last snow storm. While we will again talk with a Gelderman rep at our next meeting to discuss this matter, we should remember that most, if not all, companies had difficulty keeping up with the falling snow that week-end. Snow cannot be removed from driveways if cars are parked there: depending on the time of day or night when plows arrive on scene, some driveways may not be cleared unless the trucks return, which may be much later when cars may again be parked. It's a challenge during a prolonged snowfall.


Despite wire screens installed at key entry points, racoons have again nested in the roof of one of our units. We cannot control their habits but we can discourage their presence by not making the environment attractive to them. To that end, please DO NOT put garbage out before the morning of collection day. Giving wildlife overnight opportunities to find an easy meal encourages their presence and makes a mess when they tear open garbage containers, to say nothing about the cost and distress they will cause if they nest in your roof. Remember, we have a discounted rate with AllPest.


I f you have guests during snow removal periods, please have their cars moved so that the plows can clear all areas of guest parking. When needed, the first 2 parking spots west of the gazebo will be used to pile snow that can't be stored elsewhere.


Febuary 2008

At the Board meeting on Feb. 18, the following items were considered: - residents' requests and concerns were discussed and decided - an estimate for a low stone wall at the condo entrance is being sought - approval was given to spray catch basins monthly with a larvicide to control insect infestations - dead trees and shrubs will be removed from the lower parkette and replacements planted, preferably, at street level - a rep from Coulter Engineering provided us with solutions for the drainage problem at the rear of units 17/18.

A rep from Gelderman was in attendance: winter and summer programs were reviewed, clarified and revised. Please note: - only common element sidewalks and the Orchard Rd. sidewalk will be plowed, and salted as necessary - driveways will be plowed only if cars on not parked on them - 3 visitor parking spaces near the gazebo may be used to pile snow if conditions warrant - fertilizer will be applied in spring, summer and fall.

Garage sale: Anyone interested in a community garage sale in the spring, please contact Rosanna Bird @ 336-8430 by March 7. If we get a good response from the community, we will book a date in either May or June and post it on the website.

Reminder: please do not leave any garbage outside, either at the front or rear of the unit or on table tops, until the morning of collection day.

Next meeting: March 27.

January 2008

AGM, 2008

Executive Initiatives   

Executive initiatives

Next scheduled Board meeting: February 13/08.

October November 2006   

Election of new board members, and Standard UnitbyLaw was pasted.
Parking problems still arose with a few members illegally parking.
Drainage issues where delt with.
Sprinkler system shur down for the season
Light bulb replaced in lamppost by unit 23, 24
Lawsuit against condomnium board? still pending.

July August 2006   


Owners are reminded to make sure they have reviewed the recent information from our Property Manager, Pat Boudreau in his recent Fengate Property Management letter regarding the 2006-2007 budget and other items. Call Pat should you have comments or questions.


As you are aware, the Corporation has properly insured the unit dwellings to the original builder’s specs. It remains the full responsibility of the unit owners to insure contents, upgrades and personal liability AND to perform, under normal circumstances, general maintenance and repairs to the units themselves.
The corporation insurance deductible is $1,000, the lowest possible. Claims less than this amount will not be paid by the insurer.


PLEASE keep your automobile velocity low. There are pedestrians and “blind” corners in our community. Several vehicles have been noted by owners traveling at excessive, unsafe speeds.


In light of the need for urgent water seepage issue, your board has voted to undertake the emergency Drainage Projects as detailed in the recent Fengate letter. In addition, the professionally recommended French drain work, to alleviate chronic water problems at the base of parkette area on the gazebo side, will be done shortly. This item was prioritized #1 by owners present at our last AGM.
Funds are not available for other landscaping items this year, and these are scheduled to be tackled, in priority order, when monies become available in the 2007-2008 budget.

June 2006   

Painting Information

We have received the following exterior paint information for our corporation from Dwight Lawrence at Losani Homes.
Paint on the front & garage doors is: Colour Your World ICI “fauna” 10YY18/074 - latex, semi-gloss
The vinyl siding and other trim is NOT painted and is either pebble or sandalwood colour.
Some painters will use other brands and just colour match.

Landscaping consensus

With much help and input from our volunteer ‘gardening committee,’ the various landscaping options outlined in detail and prioritized by owners at the AGM, is now a Greystones consensus.

A majority of owners have opted for professional landscaping to be done at the ‘gateposts’ entrance and the professionally recommended French drain work to alleviate chronic water problems at the base of parkette area, on the gazebo side.

March 2006   

Unfortunately, John Hardy has tendered his resignation from the Board of Directors, due to increased business activities. John has been with us from the beginning, and his service to our community has gone a long way to helping us establish Greystones. THANK YOU to John for your valuable contributions!!!

Robert Warren, Unit 42 has graciously agreed to join the board, until our next AGM. We thank Bob for his interest in our community and for his assistance. Thanks..Bob

Owners are reminded to please review and act upon the February 2006 Fengate update letter sent to all Greystones homeowners by our Property Manager, regarding insurance.
The corp. is fully insured in all required areas and he strongly suggests all owners obtain a "Condo Owners Contents and Upgrades Package". This coverage costs about 50% less than an "Owners Package"

January 2006   

Despite a balmy winter break, Greystones winter continues!!!
Please remember, important aspects of our Greystones snow clearing contract: