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Your Gardening Sub-Committee Members Are:

Your Gardening Sub-Committee Members Are:


Shelly Upson - Unit 29

Therese Zupanovic - Unit 13

Barb Warren - Unit 42

Denise Evanoff  - Unit

Rosanna Bird - Unit 23


The purpose of this committee is to provide ideas/suggestions, information, etc. to beautify our complex.  Our first meeting will be held sometime in August and new members are welcome to join. 


What is Don Bird’s (Unit 23) secret to a beautifully healthy looking garden?  It takes more than a green thumb to make the plants and grass look great.  Here are some steps Don recommends:


1.   Early Spring (March or April) – Fertilize

2.   Summer – No need to fertilize as Gelderman is scheduled to apply fertilizer

3.   Fall – Weed and Feed

4.   Water your grass once or twice a week depending on the weather (1 inch or for approximately one hour)

5.   If you would like to give your plants a boost, apply compost around each plant in the spring. 

6.   Apply grass seed in the spring or fall to thicken your grass.