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SPH 4U1 Daily Outlines

Latest Update: July 10 9:17 PM

July 5 Monday

July 6 Tuesday

July 7 Wednesday

Small quiz on Chapter 1 only, a few multiple choice and a couple of problems to solve.
Should start by 8:30 and finish by 9:30

July 8 Thursday

End of Unit One

July 9 Friday end of week one

Start Unit Two Energy & Momentum --- Chapters 4, 5, & 6

July 12 Monday

Test on Unit One At the begining the period 1½ h.
See Test Tips for outline

July 13 Tuesday

July 14 Wednesday

July 15 Thursday

July 16 Friday end of week two, half way there folks!

Test on Unit Two At the begining the period 1½ h.
Make sure you keep looking at "Test Tips"

July 19 Monday

July 20 Tuesday

July 21 Wednesday

Review and practice for tomorrows test

July 22 Thursday

Test on Unit Three At the begining the period 1½ h.
Make sure you can do the problems dictated in class.

July 23 Friday end of week three

July 26 Monday

July 27 Tuesday

July 28 Wednesday

July 29 Thursday

Test on Unit Five.
These should be a heavy duty exam review day, if you don't wish to be serious a work then please stay home and not disrupt this class. Some part of the exam may be done in the last hour of the period.

July 30 Wednesday

Exam During the latter part the period 2½ h.