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Physics, SPH 4U1 Course Description

July Summer School

This course enables students to deepen their understanding of the concepts and theories of physics. Students will explore further the laws of dynamics and energy transformations, and will investigate electrical, gravitational, and magnetic fields; electromagnetic radiation; and the interface between energy and matter. They will further develop inquiry skills, learning, for example, how the interpretation of experimental data can provide indirect evidence to support the development of a scientific model. Students will also consider the impact on society and the environment of technological applications of physics.

These remarks are meant to be your guideline for this semester. Success will be eminently more attainable if you heed the following:

I can teach you but I cannot learn you !

Disruptive behavior:

Some people are just here to misbehave and hope they gain the credit. Well, it probably just won't happen. Remember, you don't need three science courses, this course is meant for those who wish to learn chemistry so that they can attend a community college. Don't get carried away with someone whose behavior is inappropriate; your marks will suffer.
Unsafe lab behavior can not be tolerated: any unsafe deliberate practice will result in you not preforming any more labs until parental contact is made. The principle will also be informed of such unsafe behavior.

Mark Distribution:

Subject to change as the need arises. See course expectations
50 %
Inquiry 10 %
Communication 5 %
Making Connections 5 %
Final Exam 30 %
Each assignment and test will contain these components in them.

Miscellaneous Comments

Copyright R. Warren     June 2004