Kinematics: In one dimension and with a constant acceleration:

Here's a list of all the formula you need. Only one version is listed.
If you wish to isolate for every variable in each formula feel free to do so. See example at the end of this note.

Caution: the most misused formula is #1, be careful with this one.

Kinematic Equations

For motion with constant acceleration and t0 = 0, we can now derive a set of kinematic equations that will enable us to solve all problems of this kind. These equations are:

  1. d = d0 + v0 t + ½ a t2
  2. v = v0 + a t
  3. vav = (v + v0)/2
  4. d = d0 + vav t
  5. v2 = v02 + 2 a (d - d0)

Note: d - d0 is the same as Δd or simply just d

You will notice there is no formula v = d/t written in these three lists. That should tell you something: don't use it, it probably won't work.


In this table you have FOUR versions of the same formula. The formula has been reworked to solve for a specific unknown.

Solving for the velocity after the objects accelerates
Solving for the time
Solving for the acceleration
Solving for the initial velocity

In these formulae

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