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Sample Exam is HERE

Note from the Internet;

  1. A permutation Generator:    : Click Here
    Use the first two options only else you may not know what the program does.

  2. Venn diagrams Click Here
    You must scroll down to #31 an click on this. Being an Applet there is nothing that I can do about this.

  3. Notes on Combinations and Permutations & then Probability CLICK HERE
    This is is a note in 4 parts with practice problems. The titles are
    1. Combinations and Permutations
    2. Combinations
    3. Principle of Counting
    4. Permutations
    5. Practice problems

  4. A complete set of notes on Series; Arithmetic, Geometric, etc.
    Follows Chapter 4 pretty much to a tea.
    Very colourful, with examples and lots of practice questions with answers.
    Link takes you to Lesson 1 called Section 13-1 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences. Go to the bottom of the page to proceed to the next lesson. Seven lessons with a practice test & answers

  5. Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies: Probability
    Very nice set of introductory notes that should be very easy to understand. Click Here

  6. Introduction to Probability Models; roll a die add see what happens Click Here
    Make sure check out the internal link to Probability that X takes on the value x and the sample space for the sum of two dice being tossed.

  7. Thinkquest's tutorials on probability; in order of appearance
    1. Introduction to Probability
    2. Probability Theory
    3. Probability Models
    4. Probability Properties
    5. Rules of Probability
    6. Practice Exercises
    CLICK HERE You must click your way through the various lessons.

  8. A set of pdf note on Bernoulli trials CLICK HERE

  9. A series of 51 slides that covers all three of the distributions and then some CLICK HERE Written for business. Note : we did not cover continuous random variables or Poisson distributions but it does appear in the next chapter.
    You should be able to pick and choose those items that are relevant and not ignore because of a few slides that we haven't covered yet.

  10. Notes on Binomial Distribution and Hypergeometric Distributions Click Here

  11. Need to solve a quadratic equation of need to verify an answer then try the Quadratic Formula Solver Click Here

  12. This one is loaded with question solvers for Linear Algebra
    Be careful how you use this site, it solves the problem so that you can verify your work but should not be used to do homework. Linear Algebra Toolkit   Click Here