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Block One Oct 15 2002

  1. In your own words, explain Bernoulli's Principle.
  2. As a fluid flows thru a pipe how can the pressure be reduced in the fluid?
  3. What is the difference between hydrostatics and hydraulics?
  4. What are the advantages of fluid power? at least six points.
  5. Try to discover an application that uses
    1. Just a pneumatic system
    2. Just a hydraulic system
    3. A combination of both
  6. What is the difference between pneumatic and a hydraulic system. And can they be used in conjunction with one another?
  7. The word "Hydraulics" comes the Greek word _______
  8. Explain the difference between pressure and force.
  9. In what direction does the buoyant force of a fluid operate and what does it counteract?
  10. The pressure of a liquid is independent of ____________ and is always the same at ______________________ .
    How can this be shown or proven with a paper cup?

Block Two Oct 17 2002

  1. Give two examples of devices that measure fluid pressure.
  2. Explain the difference between guage pressure and absolute pressure.
  3. A block of wood has a density of 0.683 g/cm3. It floats in water. If its volume is 96.7 cm3 determine the mass of this block of wood and the buoyancy force of water on this wooden block. If this same piece of wood was immered in alcohol (density 0.790 g/cm3), would it float? what volume of alchol would be displaced by the piece of wood?
  4. A piece of "gold" jewlery has a mass of 0.800 grams when measured in air. On immersing in water the mass measured is 0.655 grams. Is this pure gold? Explain via calculations.
    Note: you must use data on page 31 of your text book to answer this question.
    Also; if the jewlery is not pure gold, what percentage by mass is it pure?
  5. A force such as a hammer blow, is applied to a solid iron bar. Explain what happens to the force as it is transmitted throught the iron bar. How does this differ from a force applied to a fluid.
  6. State Pascal's Law
  7. Explain how a hydraulic brake works, sketch a diagram.
  8. Explain why a hydraulic car hoist works as designed?

Block Three Oct 21 2002

  1. There are two formulae under the heading Dynamics of Ideal Fluids
    What are they and explain each of them in your own words.
  2. Give three applications of Bernoulli's principle
  3. In your own words explain Pascal's Principle
  4. Make sure you can do the problem in the Note I (In one of the blue presentation boxes).